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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do you describe your style of photography?

I make images of anything I see which helps to tell the story. This includes un-posed 'candid' shots, captured moments, portraits, close-up details, group shots and things in between. When we meet before the Day, we talk about what means the most to you and how you envision your photos.

For example you might want them to look elegant and formal or not so formal but elegant, traditional, or un-posed looking, casual, fun and romantic. You might ask for lots of portraits, or mostly candid moments. Perhaps you'd like something unusual and different. I have lots of ideas too, which I run past you to see if they feel like 'you'!

I show you photos from other weddings to illustrate the different kinds. Any pictures you bring, such as those cut from magazines, can be helpful in conveying your ideas.

This is YOUR DAY and YOUR PHOTOS! I am there to record the memories!


2. What kind of cameras do you use?

I use Nikon professional digital cameras and shoot in RAW format. At weddings I use two cameras, one with an extreme wide angle lens and the other with a telephoto lens. There is no need for me to change lenses or miss any of the special moments. I also bring lots of back-up equipment for any eventuality.


3. What kind of flash do you use?

I prefer to use natural light. But there are times when a flash is necessary. I use an off-camera flash with a reflector. This creates a soft light with minimal shadows.


4. Do we meet beforehand?

Yes, definitely. This is an important part of the planning. For instance, we talk about what means the most to you, the kind of photos you like, your schedule, when various events will occur, and any special requests you may have.

I do not influence your schedule, other than wanting to make sure there is enough light for the romantic photos of the two of you together. Immediately after the ceremony and perhaps a photo of the whole group, after some hugs and kisses-time, I like to set aside a half hour for these now when you'll be most relaxed. Other than that, I quietly record events as they unfold.


5. Why do you charge by the photo rather than by the hour?

Here in Paradise, there can be delays, which are not the fault of the bride or groom. It seems fairer not to be charging for that wasted time.


6. How many images do you make?

This depends on the number of finished photos requested. I make between four and five times that number. Then the best for composition and expression are chosen. Each one is then cropped and color-corrected in Photoshop. I am often the one making the selection since you may be going home a few days after the wedding.


7. Are there any extra charges apart from the cost of the package?

There may be a charge for transportation or hotel accommodation if this is indicated. If I am working over the dinner hour, I require a snack.


8. How will I receive my photos?

You'll receive your photos as high-resolution jpegs on a CD, arranged in story-telling order. These will be your negatives. You may have them printed and enlarged as many times as you like. Also included is an 8 X 10 printed collage of a selection of the photos.

Your photos will also be posted on-line free of charge.

I mail the CD and collage by registered mail and notify you of the tracking number. Usually you can expect to receive it about three weeks after the ceremony.


9. What if I don't want strangers seeing my photos online?

You may choose a password to give to family and friends.


10. What if a lab refuses to print my photos?

You will show the clause in your signed contract giving you the photographer's permission to have your photos printed.


11. When do you arrive at the location?

At our meeting before the day of the wedding, we plan what time I'll arrive, not later than one half hour before the start of the photos. However this is flexible and may be earlier.


12. Should I make a list for the group photos?

A list is very helpful when there are a number of groups to be photographed. We can check them off and be sure no one is left out. If you like, you may also bring a list of other 'must-have' photos!


13. How long do you stay at the wedding/reception?

That depends on how many photos are requested. I leave when both of us feel that everything we planned to have photographed has taken place and we have many photos to choose from for the final number.


Please feel free to write if you think of any other questions or would like some of the answers clarified! Email Kay »